BMW i8 Production in 2015 doubled to meet demand

BMW has doubled the production of it’s i8 Plug-In Hybrid Coupe in Leipzig, Germany, up to 20 cars a day. In December last year, the waiting list for the delivery of a brand new BMW i8 stretched up to 18 months.

Ian Robertson, the company’s sales and marketing chief, said to Autonews Europe: “We need to find ways to increase i8 production because the waiting list in some markets are getting too long”.

It went on sale in June 2014 in Europe and two months later in the US. IHS Automotive forecasts that BMW will build 4,318 units of the i8 in 2015 (an increase from 3,238 units built in 2014).

Great to see BMW’s success in this segment. The BMW i8 and i3 set new benchmarks in design, vehicle construction and technology.


07. April 2015 by David Kloeber
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Jennifer Healey imagines a world without accidents.

I recently came across Jennifer’s TED Talk after I’ve watched a very interesting (and very technical) panel discussion: The Road Ahead for Autonomous Vehicles, about the future of driverless cars and the economic, legal, and policy questions.

You should also watch the Video: Technology 2064 with Jennifer Healey, in where she talks about the future of technology and how much it will impact our society in the next 50 years.


Dr. Jennifer A. Healey is a Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs in San Francisco, USA. Her work is focused on developing algorithms to intelligently interpret sensor data to improve peoples quality of life. You can find her LinkedIn profile here.

06. April 2015 by David Kloeber
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